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Toxic black mold or Stachybotrys Chartaurm (Stachy) is one of the most disastrous kinds of molds. This is because of the fact that this black mold can grow in our houses and can be tremendously dangerous to people. Stachybotrys is well-known as a toxic black mold that produces harmful toxins known as the mycotoxins.

Due to the wet climate in Vancouver, mold is very common to grow. It is important to take the necessary precautions when you notice you have mold in your property.

If you suspect you have mold or black mold, give Vancouver’s #1 Mold Remediation Specialists a call. Our dedication 24/7 staff are here to help and identify the issues at hand. We will perform a Free Mold Inspection on any visible mold!


What Does Black Mold Look Like?

Toxic black mold is considered to be greenish black and gelatinous molds. It commonly looks to be like an almost slime due to the wet layer found on its top portion. However, if the colonies of this mold’s water source run out, this mold may appear to be powdery and dry. There are several types of molds that are similar to such black toxic mold and the only way on how to identify such kind is to make use of a microscope through mold testing.

With any mold, just by looking at it, no company, no matter how experienced, can tell you exactly what type it is. Either a mold swab test or air quality testing is necessary to determine this.



What causes it and where to find Black Mold growing?

Black toxic molds need a huge amount of moisture before it will grow. For such type of mold to grow in your place, the surrounding area needs to be very wet for a week. Due to this, black molds can be commonly found in houses or properties that have experienced a water damage; usually caused by leaks or flooding which are not repaired for long time. Once this mold started to develop, it still needs constant moisture to continue growing.

As for food sources, this mold needs substance that are considered to be high in cellulose and very low in nitrogen to continue growing. Building materials provide the perfect food and home for black mold to grow and it can be commonly found on:

  • Drywall
  • Paper Products
  • Wallpaper
  • Wood
  • Ceiling Tiles
  • Insulation

Most of the black toxic mold issues exist with a colony of growing black molds that are hidden from your sight. They can thrive behind ceilings, wall panels and even under the floor without showing any visible sign. Hidden black molds’ development is primarily caused by a leak in the foundation, plumbing or roof and we may not necessary be aware of it. The water travels through the walls and ceilings, give mold prime location to grow.


Why Is It So Harmful?

If the toxins that are produced by the black toxic mold are inhaled or ingested you may experience harmful symptoms that may affect your quality of life. Black Mold produces a high level of mycotoxins, which is why it is considered to be so harmful for people.  These symptoms can be amplified to those that infants or the elderly, but can affect anyone.

Here are some of the Health Symptoms that you might experience once you inhaled or encounter black toxic mold:

  • Breathing difficulty or respiratory distress.
  • Unrestrained sneezing or coughing.
  • Irritation of the mucous membrane.
  • Bladder or kidney discomfort.
  • Impaired memory or concentration level.
  • Excessive headaches, tiredness or fatigue.
  • Vomiting, diarrhea or nausea.
  • Suppression of the immune system.
  • Itchiness and redness of the eyes, nose and mouth.

If you suspect that there is Stachybotrys in your home, spare time to seek for professional black mold removal services now. We at Canada’s Restoration Services Vancouver can help identify the severity and get your home back to a safe, healthy living environment!


What is The Difference between Normal Mold and Black Mold?

After discovering of the presence of molds in your house, it is very essential to determine what kind of molds they are– normal mold or black mold?

Mold is considered to be living funguses that are made of different sizes. There are some mold spores that are small while there are some which are large. As far as color are concerned, those brown and green molds are considered to the normal molds and the black molds are the color suggest are the most worrisome molds having black color. However, that being said, not all molds that are black in colour are the dangerous Stachybotrys.

The presence of any mold in your property is not good, but the existence of black mold posts for more serious risks on one’s health. Normal mold can be very dangerous once it produce toxins while black mold seemed to be dangerous as mycotoxins are continuously growing once this mold started to develop.

Whether the mold is normal or black, it is always a must to stop its growth. To do this, you need to cut the supply of moisture that it is feeding off of. Any kinds of water seepage such as leaky roofs and leaky pipes and even cracks in the foundation needs immediate mitigation. Also, make sure to clean your home regularly. If you have a lot of dust build up, it could indicate that there is an elevation of mold spores.


Where to Seek for Professional Black Mold Removal Services?

When your house is under the attack of the toxic black mold, it is very essential to allow professional mold remediation companies to carry out the entire mold clean up processes. Especially when dealing with Stachybotrys, the level of risk for you to mitigate is too high.

At Canada Restoration Services Vancouver, we have the years of experience and expertise when it comes to black mold remediation. All our technicians are certified and trained when it comes to the proper procedures of safe mold removal set forth by the IICRC, Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration.

We will come in and perform a free mold inspection, prepare a detailed scope of work and estimate on the mold cleanup.

If mold testing or third party testing is necessary, we will get you in contact with the best 3rd party environmentalists who can provide these services. It is a conflict of interest for a mold remediation company to perform the testing and do the work, hence why a 3rd party is needed.

Not only do we inspect the mold, but we also need to identify the source. Fixing the source is the main thing when it comes to remediation to ensure that this problem does not persist or come back.

Let us fight the Toxic Black Mold for you - Call us today to arrange your Free Inspection!



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