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Mold Removal In Attics

It is extremely important to ensure that when removing mold in attics it is done properly and according to the IICRC Guidelines. All mold needs to be physically removed by media blasting in order to ensure all mold is removed right down to its root.

We takes pride in its quality of work and only performs at the highest of quality. Not only do we remove the mold, but we identify the source and make sure it can be rectified so no mold will grow back.

The number one reason for mold to grow in attics is improper ventilation. Here are things to check to make sure that there is good air flow in the attic:

  • Make sure all exhaust fans (bathroom, kitchen, laundry) are vented to the outside of the attic. Many homes have the exhaust blowing directly into the attic, or into the soffits. This causes condensation issues which in time will lead to mold growth.
  • Make sure the soffits are opened and not blocked with insulation, as well as there are enough soffits installed. If soffits are blocked or there are not enough, this will not allow for intake of air into the attic for it to breath.
  • Make sure there are the proper amount of roof jacks installed in the roof for air flow out of the attic. This is just as important as it is for air flow to come into the attic.

Another reason mold may grow in the attic is due to too little or too much insulation. When there is not sufficient insulation in the attic, condensation and moisture will form in the attic and give mold prime location to grow. It is important to have an insulation company come and look at the ventilation and insulation in the current attic.

We provide up to 25 year warranty on mold removal services and mold remediation in attics as long as proper procedure is followed, the ventilation is corrected, and the insulation is up to code.

For a FREE inspection and estimate on mold removal in attics, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 778-331-1008 or email at vancouver@canadarestorationservices.com

 Mold Removal In Attics


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