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Mold Removal in Vancouver

Your house is one of your biggest investments. It is important to maintain a good looking house that is safe from any harmful elements that include algae or molds. The common problem of every home owner is finding the most useful mold removal solutions. The good news is that Mold Removal Vancouver is here to help you.

Mold is the primary annoyance that most home and building owners are facing. It leads to several harmful effects throughout the entire property. It can cause rot growth, wall discoloration, black siding spots, shower grout lines, and dark decks. The worst is it may lead to several health risks. Mold produces tiny pores that may cause sneezing, runny nose, foul odors and some allergic reactions. With this, it’s important to seek help from a professional service provider.

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Mold Removal Services

Basement mold growth is one of the most serious occurrences as a result of water damage.  As much as possible, they have to be addressed promptly.  Just in case you are not aware, mold can pose health hazards. As such, proper removal commands a daunting task.  But, there is nothing more to fret. Mold Removal Vancouver’s mold removal services are specially designed for such situations.

To spare the customers from the potential health hazards of molds, removal comes with thorough mold clean up performed by highly qualified technicians, all certified by IICRC. If you think that DIY cleaning such as using water and bleach is enough, you are mistaken. If mold growth is not addressed properly, it can also affect other areas of your home or business.


6 Step Mold Removal Process

At Mold Removal Vancouver, we take pride in our work and follow all industry guidelines for safe mold removal. According to the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration), all mold must physically be removed. Encapsulating or painting is only “covering up” the mold.

Here are the 6 Steps for Safe Mold Removal:

1. Assessment

At Mold Removal Vancouver, the contractor will come into your area for a professional inspection.  The team determines the areas that are contaminated by molds as well as figure out the cause of the problem.  Based on the findings, the team will come up with a remediation plan and provide you with a detailed scope of work.


2. Containment & Equipment

The areas affected will be fully contained & equipment will be set up (negative air and air scrubbers with high end filters).  The containment prevents any mold spores from travelling throughout the other areas of the home once the removal process takes place; the equipment creates complete air exchanges and purifies the air.



3. PPE

Before the removal of the mold affected areas, the technician specialists of Mold Removal Vancouver will be in full PPE (personal protective equipment) in order to reduce exposure to the contaminants and cross contamination throughout your home.


4. Removal & Remediation

The professionals are using safe and effective products for the complete removal of molds in your basements. As such, we use highly efficient antimicrobial cleaners as well as sealants in order to remove the trace of molds in your area. 


5. Testing

Depending on the type of mold remediation project, there may be Third Party Testing. If this is being done than all containments and equipment will remain until clearance is given.


6. Reconstruction

When all materials that have been contaminated by molds have been removed and the third party testing clearance is given, the repair process can begin.  With this, clean and mold-free structure will replace the contaminated materials.


If you are experiencing mold or believe that mold may be present in your property, don’t wait any longer. Call Vancouver’s #1 Mold Removal Specialists today! Our 24/7 Staff are here to help and answer any question and set up a free mold inspection on any visible mold!






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